Product development – from idea to outstanding succes

No matter whether you come with a design drawing or an idea, Haugaard has outstanding knowledge and experience in tube bending, and this has given us a position as one of the most important partners in our field.

Experience = efficiency

Together with our tool and design department, we stand for a development process that ensures you an outstanding product without compromising design, sustainability, durability, ease of use and cost.

We are used to teaming-up with designers in the furniture and design industries and other industries as well. Our tool and design department has constructed tools for a vast number of complex processes, which means that the development of your product will stand on the shoulders of many past successes. This means that we are experts in choosing the right materials and tools, which means less waste – a cheaper and greener solution!

At our Danish factory, our development department works in close cooperation with our experienced production department, which means that we can test new processes quickly and efficiently. This gives your product the shortest road from drawing to production!

Your new partner

We take your product from idea to production – as if it were our own. We aim to be an active part of your development process so you can use our broad experience. We are always adaptable and make the teamwork go smoothly – of course without compromising the quality. It is a core value for us that the durability of our products should be as timeless as their designs.

With us, your product retains its originality while creating the foundation for successful series production. Your success is our success!