In Latvia, Haugaard has carried out wage-intensive production since year 2000. Here, our values ​​are fully implemented to the same extent as in Denmark. In 2014, we expanded the capacity in Latvia with a new factory. And at the same time, we expanded our business areas in Latvia with 5-axis bending, robot welding and customized warehouse and logistics solutions.

The production in Latvia is carried out at Haugaard Baltic. Here our factory lies just 500 km away from our Scandinavian steel suppliers, who supplies steel of the highest quality and sustainability. The short distance means a better price and lesser environmental impact, and the high quality of the steel means products which will last generations.

We manage all activities in close cooperation across the Baltic Sea with our Latvian colleagues, so you can be sure of the highest quality and professional experience. You are in safe hands!

If you would like to conclude a strategic cooperation agreement regarding production and logistics solutions through Latvia, please contact Claus Haugaard on +45 40 43 00 56

In Denmark, we focus on the initial customer contact, developing and manufacturing more complex topics, smaller series, urgent tasks and start-up of new productions.

We never compromise on our Haugaard quality. Every day, we take responsibility and co-ownership of our customer’s products ensuring that everything will be outstanding. Your success is our success!

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