We are proud to deliver parts to so many outstanding products

We do our best to fulfill our mission as an outstanding partner that helps our customers create outstanding products. This has made us a leading supplier for furniture in the ”affordable luxury” category, which means durability and quality at the right price.

Your product is our product. Your success is our success!

Below you can see examples of outstanding parts becoming successful product.

Simplicity and durability at HAY

An outstanding product calls for an outstanding process. This was the case, when HAY invited us to participate in the development of the tube structure for their HAY Palissade Collection, designed by Ronan and Erwan Bourollec. Despite the patio furniture’s simplicity and effortless curves, the structure endures all kinds of weather, and will be a mainstay on patios and terrace cafés for many years to come!

Our partnership made the difference – and we are proud to be a part of it!

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Proud to be a part of FOUR Design

Four Designs Four®Sure88 chair is an outstanding product. The clean lines designed by Christina Strand and Niels Hvass are what makes the chair something special. But behind the simple exterior, hides a complex structure – our trademark!

This has only been possible because of great partnership between Four Design and Haugaard – a partnership with more successful products in sight!

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Outstanding Muuto creation

With the Loft Chair Muuto and Haugaard has produced an outstanding product. Designer Thomas Bentzen has created an honest and timeless product inspired by industrial design. Haugaard contributed with a specially designed steel tube construction, inspired by our many years of experience as a supplier of both design and industrial products. A good example of a fruitful co-operation between Muuto’s innovative design, and Haugaard’s unique skills.

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