We support an oustanding organisation

Haugaard has chosen to support Danish Hospital Clovns (Danske Hospitalsklovne) because the organization’s purpose matches our core value of being “Responsible” in relation to people and the local community.

We will not hide the fact that Danish Hospital Clovns is an organization where we are 100% confident that our support goes to the right people. In fact, the hospital clowns reach more than half of all children hospitalization in Denmark – every year …

When we support the hospital clowns, we help to give sick children unforgettable moments even when life hurts the most. The hospital clowns keep up the courage and the mood when they transform the country’s hospital rooms into spaces full of play, smiles and imagination, where everything is possible …

Danish Hospital Clovns is OUTSTANDING!

And we can only encourage them to reach even more children.


We also take local responsibility

No other country has managed to triple the survival rate of cardiac arrests in as few years as we have done in Denmark. Part of it is due to the willingness of the Danes to step in when witnessing a cardiac arrest. Witnesses are guided through the revival by the healthcare staff at 1-1-2.

At Haugaard we have chosen to establish an AED-Heart Starter in the small village where our factory is located. In this way we can create more security and hopefully save lives – locally!